Is Your Outdoor Patio Furniture in Louisville Utilitarian

Patio furnishings in Louisville can be more than just where you sit and entertain. Homeowners need a functional space as utilitarian as the interior of the house. This means having chests, cabinets, hide-away drawers, and multipurpose nooks and crannies to improve the garden’s aesthetic.

Many people prefer a minimalist appearance, which means hiding away all the clutter, a place to tuck the grill when not in use, garden supplies, bikes, herb plants, and on. The better the patio furniture, the more appealing the space when entertaining.

The only issue is having the space to incorporate these pieces. That will mean planning and measuring the deck, patio, porch, or garden areas to accommodate the items. Let’s look at some design ideas for integrating these pieces into your outdoor space.

Incorporate Functionality with Outdoor Patio Furnishings

The Louisville garden can become quite an eyesore with the vast array of items accumulating in the space. More people are navigating toward a more minimal aesthetic in their home’s interior, which is crossing over into the outdoors.

Instead of merely purchasing outdoor patio sets for seating, homeowners add cabinets, chests, drawers, shelving, and other storage to keep the area streamlined. Here are the additions and how incorporating the pieces allows convenience, organization, and pleasant entertaining.

Weather-resistant cabinets

In Louisville, the winter can bring extreme weather, making it necessary that any furniture homeowners add outdoors be resilient to the harsh conditions. Weather-tight cabinets are as sensible for the home’s interior as they are for the outdoors.

With full enclosure, anything can be stowed away from cushions to accessories, all you need to protect from inclement weather. It’s out of the way when not being used and easily accessible when you’re ready.

In keeping with the minimal approach, the cabinet should blend in by situating it in an area seldom used with a finish that fits the overall aesthetic. Find tips on how to store patio cushions and furniture by visiting

Go under the deck

With a raised deck, homeowners have extra landscaping to add storage while creating a stylish layer to the decking. Many people are finishing the ground under the deck, some with weather-treated flooring and adding shelving units, chests, and areas to store patio furniture when the weather gets extreme.

A sofa console . . . or two

Many people include a sectional or sofa, maybe two, on their patio or deck with side tables or a coffee table. Not everyone thinks of adding a console table or perhaps two. Most console tables come with storage, giving homeowners the opportunity to clean up clutter when having a special event.

In that same vein, a potting bench can be used in a couple of ways. It can serve its standard purpose of storing garden supplies and holding herb plants and other supplies. However, if you’re big into entertaining close friends and loved ones, you can clear these items off and set up a buffet.

The spot is perfect for drinks, appetizers, and dessert on a mild summer afternoon.

Weather-resistant shelving

Weather-tight shelving can be placed in several inconspicuous or purposely displayed locations around the deck, patio, or porch. These spots can be used as a design element to place unused flowerpots, keep garden tools, store small toys, or display accessories.

Other decorative storage items you can incorporate into the space that serves double duty as part of the design and protection for objects vulnerable to outdoor conditions or other abuses are tall weather-proof bins or large baskets with lids to store firewood, cushions, outdoor tools, and equipment.

Benches with tops that lift and chests are also perfect for keeping some of these same items out of the harsh weather.

When designing the layout for your outdoor patio furniture, chests, and benches can be easily incorporated into the scheme. When weather-proof and adequately cared for, they can be left outside year-round. Read here how to store cushions safely during the winter.

Drawer units

Portable drawer units can be situated under your sofas to store all sorts of outdoor gear. These remove the eyesore that can quickly become your garden over the summer months when things are left unkempt.

You can stay organized and efficient with an appealing patio and landscape if there’s a place for everything. The drawers will be protected under the sofas and can hold any number of accessories, tools, toys, or other items.

Final Thought

patio furniture

When considering outdoor patio furniture for a Louisville home, the seating, tables, and accessories are the first things that come to mind. Still, many other components lend themselves to overall convenience, organization, and a pleasing appearance.

You might not consider drawers, chests, cabinets, or even shelving, but by incorporating some of these design elements, your outdoor porch, patio, or deck can have a similar minimal aesthetic to that many are striving for in their interior spaces.