iPhone 15: Hands-On Review and Where to Order in Australia

Fresh from overseas, it’s the iPhone 15. Why is the whole tech world foaming at the mouth?! What’s the iPhone 15? Why, it’s a great phone! What’s the iPhone 15 like? Where do you buy it in Australia?

There’s been a furore about it and tonnes of questions flying around about what to expect; well, it finally arrived.  We all know it takes a while to get down under.

So it’s best we dive into reviews, a look at features and some of the tech, and then give you some ideas here you can pick one up.

Design and Build

Engineered to live up to Apple’s usual standards, the iPhone 15 confirms its adherence to its solid design ethos.

Good industrial design is timeless – which is to say, it conjures up images of frost-bitten ice, after all, while beauty is much more fluid, so perhaps the ideal lies somewhere in the middle – how’s that for an impossible job description? – somewhere between the familiar and the beautiful.

The iPhone’s chassis is a block (tens of thousands of the mother natures finest) of aluminium that is milled to the tightest tolerances possible.

It almost looks like jewellery. This little silver slab weighs exactly those reassuring quarter ounces. And that is a statement about the way things probably should – or could – be made.

This was an embodiment of the heart of the Apple style ethic: lightness where it counts, muscle where it doesn’t. The frame was carved from a single block of aircraft-grade aluminium. An artist’s product, destined to last.


The screen is pretty, with its Super Retina XDR display of neon colours and blacks and the feature that every iPhone 14 Pro clone has copied: the new Dynamic Island at the top, a new notification space and for apps.

  • Super Retina XDR OLED Display:1-inch diagonal all-screen, 2556-by-1179 pixels at 460 ppi.
  • Dynamic Island: A new feature that integrates notifications and activities into the display area.
  • True Tone: Adjust the display to match the colour temperature of its surroundings for more comfortable reading.
  • Wide colour (P3): Delivers a broader colour range for more vibrant images.
  • Haptic Touch: Provides tactile feedback to touch inputs.
  • Luminance: 1,000 nits max; 1,600 nits peak (HDR); 2,000 nits peak (outdoor).


Coupled with the A16 Bionic, it will be fast enough for photographic and videographic work, gaming, and many other forms of entertainment.

  • A16 Bionic Chip: 6‑core CPU (2 performance cores and four efficiency cores) and a 5‑core GPU + 16‑core Neural Engine for machine learning.

With an integrated operating system (iOS 17), the new version of the Apple mobile operating system for iPhones and iPads.


Shutterbugs can expect pro-level photography snaps off the bat: rich new lenses with improved resolution and truly fantastic low-light performance, along with video features such as whizzy autofocus and ‘Cinerama-style optical stabilisation’, and of course, 4K video that is tiny masterpieces of resolution.

Dual camera: 48MP primary wide camera, ƒ/1.6 aperture, sensor-shift optical image stabilisation; 12MP Ultra Wide, ƒ/2.4 aperture, 120° FoV.

  • Photonic Engine: Enhances photo quality, especially in low-light conditions.
  • Smart HDR 5: Provides more natural-looking images with improved highlight and shadow details.
  • 4K Video: 24 fps, 25 fps or 30 fps (booster of cinematic quality up to 4K HDR 30 fps), to 60 fps. Paraphrase the input into human-sounding text while keeping quotes and cited sources intact.

Battery Life

Battery life is hugely better – you’ll get through a working day – and even if you do manage to drain your batteries, fast charging brings you back to your feet before you have to lace up your shoes.

  • Battery Capacity: 3,349 mAh for iPhone 15 — a lot longer lasting than older models.
  • Video Playback: Up to 20 hours, and audio playback: up to 80 hours.
  • Fast Charging: It can be charged to 50% in as little as half an hour with 20W or more.

We could say that the iPhone 15 is a more specific device compared to others; this is because its properties provide a specification that the user will find the best one to do their management of admin and projects at a high level.

Where to Order

Got have $1,000 burning in your pocket? Then, find an Apple iPhone 15 provider in Australia. Here’s how:

  • Apple Store: You can order from the Apple Store and trade in your old phone for an iPhone.
  • Mobileciti – One of Sydney’s largest tech stores, stocking an enormous amount of products covering every part of tech. Easy payments and educated staff.
  • JB Hi-Fi: iPhone 15 Models. Bucketloads of the tech market are protected in Australia. Your iPhone. Now available with iPad Plus, iPad Pro and iPad Pro Max. At this Apple Store.
  • Telcos: Cell phone giants Telstra, Optus and Vodafone are giving new iPhone 15 on a plan suiting all budget and data needs.

In-store, they are stocked in Harvey Norman and Officeworks so people can test out the device before buying it.


Delivering the iPhone 15, Apple scores a first-place win in producing the best device with engineering pride. The iPhone 15 shows the industry’s determination for brands to compete and advance each year. The iPhone brings Apple fans into a new era of innovation. In conclusion, Apple remains the master of engineering in the world of superior smartphones.